ACUVUE OASYS® are the next generation in silicone hydrogels, containing our proprietary HYDRACLEAR® Plus technology that allows us to use a higher volume of moisture-rich wetting agent in a state of the art formulation. This creates a more wettable, ultra smooth contact lens especially for challenging environments such as dry, air-conditioned offices and after long hours at the PC.

The optimal balance of ACUVUE OASYS® Properties help deliver high comfort in tough, challenging enviroments
See near and far effortlessly, the way nature intended

Don't think of it as getting bifocals . . . think of it as upgrading your contacts. Discover the remarkable ACUVUE® Brand BIFOCAL soft contact lenses.

Give up your contacts for a pair of bifocals? Never. But it's getting harder to deny that your vision is changing. Fact is, you can enjoy exceptional vision and stay in contact lenses. Just upgrade to ACUVUE® BIFOCAL Contact Lenses. Even if you've never tried soft contact lenses before, you'll appreciate that ACUVUE® BIFOCAL Contact Lenses are scientifically designed to allow you to see clearly both near and far, without frames or awkward lines.

ACUVUE® BIFOCAL is the only contact lens with PUPIL INTELLIGENT DESIGN® – five invisible, concentric zones. You won't find yourself having to think about which part of the lens to use – you just put them on and go.

Bausch & Lomb SofLens®

Using revolutionary new technologies and innovative materials, Bausch & Lomb offers soft contact lenses to correct a wide range of refractive errors. Unlike conventional lenses that are cut from solid plastic, ours are spun-cast from one drop of pure polymer by a computer controlled process. As a result, you get the world's softest, finest and most perfectly shaped lenses. Explore the options below to meet the needs of patients. Discover Bausch & Lomb's wide range of soft contact lens care products, listed here by brand, to find the right solution for each of you visit our showrooms. It is two times thinner than normal soft Contact Lens.

 It is made of Polymacon material which is the best in lens material worldwide. It helps in minimizing protein buildup for crisper and clearer vision. It is easy to handle and perfect for first time users.

Bausch & Lomb SofLens® Toric

If you thought high powered glasses are the only way to cure astigmatism, think again - thanks to Bausch & Lomb's breakthrough technology, now you have toric lenses. More sophisticated than glasses and even normal soft lenses, Toric contact lenses are not only correct the optical defect but provide highly stable clear vision and comfort as well. Only Toric lenses have three micro thin laser guide marks that allow the lens to be correctly placed in the eye.

Bausch & Lomb SofLens® Purevision

Outstanding vision in the blink of an eye.
Pure vision contact lenses with high definition optics deliver pure, rich contrast and highly Refined detail. This may be most obvious in low-light conditions, when your pupil size is increased as driving at night or dining in a darkened restaurant.

All-day Comfort.
While it might take a day or two for your eyes to adjust to Purevision, this is normal. After one week, your contact lenses feel great…especially at the end of the day. For the most comfortable lens wearing experience, we recommend using ReNu Multiplus Multi-purpose solution with your Purevision contact lenses before you wear them for the first time.

Because clean lenses mean clear vision.
The Bausch & lomb purevision performa surface process help repel dirt and debris before it can accumulate and cloud your vision. The performa process also help prevent protein And lipid build-up two major causes of contact lens discomfort.

5 Do's    5Don'ts
Do wash your hands before handling the contact lens
Do clean your contact lens using the recommended contact lens solution.
Do change your lens case every 3 months.
Do remove your lenses if you experience any discomfort and consult your eye care practitioner immediately if it persist or reoccurs.
Do get a proper eye check or consultation at least once every 6 months or according to the schedule recommended by your eye care practitioner.
Don’t wear your contact lenses longer than recommended by your eye care Practitioner.
Don’t use non-sterile solution such as tap-water, mineral water or saliva to rinse, clean or store your lenses.
Don’t sleep with your lenses on unless recommended by your eye care practitioner.
Don’t use saline solution to store or disinfect your contact lenses.
Don’t switch your contact lens solution unless it is recommended by your eye care practitioner as some solution may not be compatible with your contact lenses.
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