Essilor® Anti-Fatigue™  

At this stage of your life, chances are you use the computer or portable electronic devices such as laptops, mobile phones or video game players. If your activities revolve around these devices or you spend more than 3 hours a day working at close range, chances are you might experience some sort of visual fatigue.

Visual fatigue can manifest itself as a set of symptoms known as "asthenopia":
Do you suffer from visual fatigue?
Eyes that sting and feel tight, headaches and blurred vision are all symptoms of visual fatigue. This is caused by many factors related to your lifestyle and activities, which increasingly require the prolonged use of intermediate/near vision; it affects more than 60% of individuals*, whether your eyesight is corrected or not.

*Source: Omnibus/BVA surveys conducted by Essilor in October 2004 on a sample of 2,760 people aged between 20 and 45 years old (wearers and non-wearers) in France, the United States and Japan
Ok, here's the technology bit
When your eyes focus on a fixed object the focusing (or accommodation) isn't actually constant, it varies like an auto-focus camera. These imperceptible and uncontrollable variations are called accommodative micro-fluctuations. When your eyes get tired, these micro-fluctuations practically disappear. Anti-fatigue lenses have a slight built-in variation in power at near vision, and a distinctive aspheric shape that restore these micro-fluctuations.

Varilux Comfort is a line of progressive lenses that has established a new standard on the market since its launch. With its high performances and ease of adaptation, it immediately became the well-loved classic of the optician industry. Initially designed to respect the natural postures of the wearer in his/her daily tasks, it provided a maximal visual comfort whatever the activities. But, over the past years many new tools have appeared (mobile phones, MP3 players, computers), which significantly impacted the visual requirements (with miniaturization, screens everywhere, frequent transitions between visions zones). Recently redeveloped to fit this modern environment, Varilux Comfort New Edition offers the wearer a natural vision, whatever the distance and the task, including digital devices.
Widening the field of vision…

The Varilux Comfort 360 New Edition, also known as “Enhanced” in some countries, is a sophisticated version of the Varilux Comfort New Edition. Using the latest technologies ensures all wearers a maximum level of performance for a unique and comfortable vision, whatever the distance, in particular by a wider field of vision, even in complex prescriptions.
The first VARILUX lens was pioneered over 40 years ago. Since then, Varilux has steadily refined and improved their lens designs. Varilux Lenses are the most technologically advanced progressive lenses available in the world. Varilux Lenses enable your eyes to make a smooth, gradual transition when you change your focus from
near to intermediate to far vision. Unlike bifocal lenses, Varilux Lenses eliminate the line that creates an abrupt, annoying vision change from near to far vision. The added comfort of Varilux is achieved with an increased field of vision. This larger vision field reduces unnecessary head movements both vertically and horizontally, which means you can assume a more natural, comfortable posture when viewing objects at close and intermediate ranges.
VARILUX Ellipse : The Short Version Now you can choose any modern small stylish frames. Wider field of vision gives you better viewing and visual comfort. Varilux's performances, which you know and trust.
VARILUX Panamic : You've just turned 40 or 45 and you are new to presbyopia. Your job/activities require excellent quality of vision on the sides or in dynamic situations. For eg. playing golf, driving or simply walking down the street. You wish to upgrade from older style progressive lenses or reading glasses.
VARILUX Comfort : Your activities include lots of reading or near vision work, and if you are more sedentary. If you already wear Varilux Comfort, you may wish to continue.
VARILUX Liberty : Varilux progressive lenses for everybody !Varilux Liberty, the Varilux visual quality is now accessible to everybody.
Good balance between visual areas : Good balance between different visual zones enables a smooth transition from one zone to the other.
Easy Adaptation : Thanks to its soft power profile, the adaptation to Varilux liberty progressive lenses is soft and easy.
Perfect for all types of current frames : Varilux liberty, like other progressives, is suitable for all kinds of fashionable spectacle frames.

Introducing Transitions Lenses

Transitions Lenses go from clear indoors to comfortably dark outdoors. With a remarkably smart technology that enables you to see clearly and more comfortably in virtually and light, Transitions Lenses are convenient to wear right through the day. 

Transitions® Lenses are satisfying millions of spectacle wearers worldwide. With the widest variety of lens designs and materials to choose from, Transitions adaptive lenses offer a distinct advantage over ordinary clear lenses.

Change from clear indoors to dark outdoors
Clear as an ordinary clear lens while indoors and at night
Block 100% of the sun’s harmful UVA & UVB rays
Available in Grey or Brown
Compatible with leading frame brands and styles


Transitions Lenses are clear indoors. They achieve even greater indoor clarity when combined with crizal antireflective coating.


Transitions are comparable to sunglasses in bright sunlight at 23C and tint mildly in indirect sunlight. In high temperatures, they offer the darkest outdoor performance of all variable tint lenses.


when the light changes, they are the fastest adjusting lenses so you always see clearly and comfortably.


Transitions are scratch resistant and block 100% of the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays.
Transitions Lenses are up to 50% lighter in weight than glass.
Transition plastic lenses are more impact resistant than glass.
Crizal lenses are anti-reflective (AR) lenses, which means they reduce the glare that causes eye fatigue. By sharpening visual performance, Crizal lenses help you see more clearly-and makes your eyes feel better ! Reduce glare that causes eye fatigue Are scratch-resistant to keep your vision clear Make cleaning easy Eliminate reflections and show off your eyes for the picture zirconium oxide maximizes light transmission with increased toughness reduces unwanted reflections by over 80%. It's incredible what you miss when you're always cleaning your spectacle lenses. With Transitions lenses elegance and innovation meet Eye to Eye...Transitions Lenses gives you Unsurpassed visual comfort by changing light to dark and back, adjusting to any light in the blink of an eye. Because they adapt to your environment, you always look great. Exceptionally clear indoors, they have an attractive tint outdoors which gives you great style and elegance. The lenses are made of light- weight plastic so they are 50% lighter than glass lenses.
99.2% transmission of light
Useful for people who work on computers for long hours
Beneficial in night driving as there is a decrease in time needed to return to normal vision after being exposed to bright light during night driving.
ULTRA THIN : Look Better
With the new generation of Airwear® lenses, there's no need to hide your eyes behind thick, unattractive lenses. Made of High Index Material, Airwear lenses offer an enhanced look. People notice you, not your lenses.
ULTRA LIGHT : Get Comfortable

Airwear lenses are remarkably light, so the lenses rest easily on your face. Wearing Airwear is almost like wearing no lenses at all - you will forget that you are wearing them.
ULTRA FLAT : Look more natural
Airwear® the special type of Aspherical lenses will reduce eye magnification or reduction and offer a perfect visual quality. You will enjoy a great look and a wider field of vision.
ULTRA SAFE : Shield your eyes
Airwear® lenses are made from the same material used for space helmets and aircraft windshields. They offer the highest impact resistance of any lens material and are virtually unbreakable.
All Airwear® lenses are offered with the Titus™ scratch resistant coating which will protect your lenses from daily wear and tear.
CRYSTAL CLEAR : Discover Excellence
Crizal® superior multi-coating technology is available on Airwear®. By combining this technology with Airwear®, your visual acuity, comfort and look are enhanced.
UV PROTECTION : Protect your eyes from the sun's harmful UV rays
All Airwear® lenses have built-in ultraviolet protection. They filter out 100% of the UV radiation to protect your eyes at any time.
50% lighter than conventional glass lenses
Coating is done on both sides of the lens in a single manufacturing process improving the life of the coating
Proprietary varnish with 50% silica in the polymer matrix which makes the lens scratch resistant
As these lenses don’t scratch easily they maintain the optical quality of the lens for a longer period.
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