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Starting around age 40, you might have trouble focusing on nearby objects or reading in dim light. This is called presbyopia and is a natural part of ageing. Varilux® progressive lenses are designed for people aged 40+, offering sharp vision at every distance with seamless transitions from near to far.

Benefits of Varilux lenses

  • Sharp vision
    At all distances, for any activity

  • Seamless transitions
    From near to far and in-between

  • Wide fields of vision
    To enjoy your environment

  • Stability of vision in motion
    For faster adaptation with fewer distortions
  • See no limits with Varilux

    Varilux® lenses are your ally for seeing sharply and seamlessly at all distances, allowing you to explore every inch of the world. Don't feel constrained anymore. Wear Varilux® lenses to go further than ever.